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This forum runs default XenForo style customized by us. For painless upgrading.

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Latest resource updates

  • [cXF] Thread snippet
    [cXF] Thread snippet
    Show thread snippet (excerpt) on forum view and what's new page with some extra features.
    • BassMan
    • Updated:
  • [cXF] Media Filter Buttons
    [cXF] Media Filter Buttons
    Show filters as buttons on XenForo Media Gallery.
    • BassMan
    • Updated:
  • [cXF] Widget Tabs
    [cXF] Widget Tabs
    Add widgets to widget with tabs.
    • BassMan
    • Updated:
  • [cXF] Thread prefix icons
    [cXF] Thread prefix icons
    DIY tutorial on how to add thread prefix icons and customize it.
    • BassMan
    • Updated:
  • [cXF] Conversation Button
    [cXF] Conversation Button
    Add conversation button or icon in message user block.
    • BassMan
    • Updated:
  • [cXF] Sticky Sidebar
    [cXF] Sticky Sidebar
    Stick sidebar on scrolling on almost any page by your choice.
    • BassMan
    • Updated:
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