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[cXF] Enhanced New Threads Widget 1.0.0

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Use the New Threads widget as an article preview with some extra customization. This add-on extends the New threads widget to display threads in a more attractive way, to show them as featured threads or in any other way you might want to use.

Check the Q&A tab on how to set it all up.

This add-on is very similar to [cXF] Enhanced Search Forum Widget (screenshots below are the same).

A simple demo of thread blocks is available on our forum.

  • show threads from the New threads widget as article preview blocks
  • option to view thread blocks in a scroll container
  • set the number of thread blocks in a row
  • show or hide post snippet
  • set snippet length
  • set a custom image for threads with no image in the first post
  • show or hide View full article link
  • show or hide thread block footer
  • options to show thread blocks on narrow screens (mobile)
  • two style configurations in style properties for enhanced widgets
  • set up to 3 widgets for each style
All settings for this add-on are in style properties.


< enhanced new threads widget with 3 thread blocks >

< enhanced new threads widget with 6 blocks >

You can see 2 different settings. The left one is without an image in the first thread post (it picks up the forum logo, XenForo in this demo). The right one is also without an image in the first thread post, but it has a custom icon (threads with the cXF logo).
entw_6_blocks_forum_logo_icon.png entw_6_blocks_custom_icon.png

< below is a demo with two different new threads widgets >


< you can optionally show thread blocks in a scroll container >

This way you can display many more threads to save space.
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Latest reviews

I've decided to go with the full 5/5 Star Rating for the '[cXF] Enhanced New Threads Widget' because, (a) I don't do half measures apparently, and (b) I feel a bit guilty since I did hastily glance over this unassumingly titled upgrade several times before actually pausing to investigate just what on earth could be done with such a generic new threads widget.

Don't get me wrong, coz imo, Xenforo stock widgets themselves set a high standard in their own right.

My rating here, is only meant in a relative sense鈥搒trictly without any inkling of negative connotation whatsoever.

So I won't deny initially sensing anticipated incongruence arising while thinking of the word: 'Enhanced' - & wondering - "how could this possibly-justifiably be used as an accurate descriptor of a slightly tweaked stock standard XF 'New Threads' widget?"

Yes I was somewhat expecting it to be a slightly exaggerated claim for sure.

Well... guess what. This expectation was proven correct....oh no, wait馃...ahh, I mean -my expectation was proven the opposite of correct.

Because it turns out 'Enhance' may very likely be understatement!


Here's why...馃槃Imo, the, '[cXF] Enhanced New Threads Widget' transforms the stock XF widget into one of the best content showcasing widgets I've seen so far.

However, after lazily clicking the upload buttons then waiting 5 secs to install before excitedly setting up this enhancement...I've immediately noticed there is one glaring problem!

Unfortunately it's a rather significant problem too.

Which is, that by contrast, next to the 'Enhanced New Threads' widgets...

...literally all my forums other primary content showcasing widgets appear mediocre! 馃槀 I am laughing about this but also not even joking either.
'[cXF] Enhanced New Threads Widget' almost entirely does the jobs of 3 separate dedicated showcasing add-ons and unlike them, it achieves this effortlessly without unnecessarily overcomplicating general members nor disturbing the arterial traffic flows.
Imo this upgrade greatly enhances fundamentally attractive forum aspects...

...at least for me, I first visit forums seeking inspiration, knowledge, insights, and of course hoping to reciprocate constructively somehow too.

Whenever visiting a new forum, if I encounter ads, or "onboarding"-tasks, or distractions, anything seemingly drawing away from where everything generally ought to be...ie: pedantically categorized within forums organized in an easily navigable main fora body.

By that meaning: The majority of everything being in one place鈥攏ot spread over in several weird forum sidenav areas.
(馃槄Even XFMG seems annoyingly confusing to someone who isn't an admin/mod and just came for the socially enlightening experience of the marketplace... like the old skool Greek agora...)

There is only one solution to this, as you've no doubt already guessed obviously I shall expedite replacing as many of my current showcasing widgets as necessary so I can enhance nzfsf.nz's overall accidental sexiness by a factor of 6 with the 6 '[cXF] Enhanced New Threads Widgets'.

Thank you, you are a legend!
馃馃槑馃憤猸猸猸猸猸 @BassMan馃弳
Thank you for such a comprehensive positive review.
Awesome! Provides more of a Reddit experience than official Xenforo.
Thank you for your review.

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