[cXF] Enhanced New Threads Widget

[cXF] Enhanced New Threads Widget 1.0.0

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Use the New Threads widget as an article preview with some extra customization. This add-on extends the New threads widget to display threads in a more attractive way, to show them as featured threads or in any other way you might want to use.

Check the Q&A tab on how to set it all up.

This add-on is very similar to [cXF] Enhanced Search Forum Widget (screenshots below are the same).

A simple demo of thread blocks is available on our forum.

  • show threads from the New threads widget as article preview blocks
  • option to view thread blocks in a scroll container
  • set the number of thread blocks in a row
  • show or hide post snippet
  • set snippet length
  • set a custom image for threads with no image in the first post
  • show or hide View full article link
  • show or hide thread block footer
  • options to show thread blocks on narrow screens (mobile)
  • two style configurations in style properties for enhanced widgets
  • set up to 3 widgets for each style
All settings for this add-on are in style properties.


< enhanced new threads widget with 3 thread blocks >

< enhanced new threads widget with 6 blocks >

You can see 2 different settings. The left one is without an image in the first thread post (it picks up the forum logo, XenForo in this demo). The right one is also without an image in the first thread post, but it has a custom icon (threads with the cXF logo).
entw_6_blocks_forum_logo_icon.png entw_6_blocks_custom_icon.png

< below is a demo with two different new threads widgets >


< you can optionally show thread blocks in a scroll container >

This way you can display many more threads to save space.
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