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[cXF] Sidebar Widget Positions 1.3.0

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Widget positions you get with this add-on:
  • What's new posts: Sidebar
  • What's new media: Sidebar
  • What's new media comments: Sidebar
  • What's new resources: Sidebar
  • What's new profile posts: Sidebar
  • What's new news feed: Sidebar
  • What's new latest activity: Sidebar
  • Forum list: SideNav
  • Forum view: SideNav
  • Forum: New Posts
  • Member view: SideNav

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Latest updates

  1. 1.3.0

    new position added -> Forum view: SideNav
  2. 1.2.0

    Added some new positions: Forum list: Sidenav Forum: New Posts Member view: Sidenav

Latest reviews

I'm also creating the same website just like yours or Babiato's. Nowadays I'm busy with freelancing work/projects but will soon make it with all the advanced features. I just came here to say Thank you buddy for everything I know doing pirated things is wrong but testing these things is so awesome... salute from my side. You are true heart and genuine person because I always read your description if you wrote somewhere
Very helpful. Should be standard with Xenforo.
Thank you for your review.
This add-on is so useful that I think all XF forums should use it.
Thank you for the feedback and review.
Thank you!
This addon is super-useful and do the job perfectly !! Exactly what i was looking for and things that are not include in the core of Xenforo neither in well known Theme

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