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This is a cXF Pack C Membership Add-on. Upgrade your account to cXF Pack C Membership for:

  • sticky or don't sticky top navigation to the top of your forum (separate option for mobile view)
  • move elements to top navigation: Visitor Tabs only, Search Tab only, Visitor Tabs AND Search tab
  • add up to 10 links to top navigation (title, URL, open in new tab, open in an overlay, link icon)
  • top links can have a drop-down menu with up to 5 custom links
  • option to add custom code to top menu
  • adjustable menu width for each menu separately
  • add an icon for login and register button
  • custom menu (optional you can manually add Mega Menu (DIY tutorial for our customers on our site here))
EXAMPLES in screens

< visitor tabs and search tab in top navigation >

... with a few example links with icons

< visitor tabs only in top navigation, search tab in main navigation >

< search tab only in top navigation, visitor tabs in main navigation >

< with many top links or long titles the scroller shows up >

< top navigation without sticky option >

< top links menu >


(with menu title - customizable)


(without menu title)


(example on our site)

< top links menu with custom HTML >
... with a bit of HTML and CSS knowledge, you can add anything you want to your menu below sublinks. Example from our site:


< optional you can DIY a mega menu (tutorial here) >

< only icons as links >
... useful for social icons (with a simple CSS tweaks in EXTRA.less template you can easily customize it)

< optional top navigation on mobile as sticky >

< options page >

< style properties >

Latest updates

  1. 1.7.5

    bugfix: updated the event listener to fix an issue on the "Advertising" and "Notices" page in...
  2. 1.7.4

    changed the PHP file with different approach for tabbed options option tabs are all phrased now...
  3. 1.7.3

    due to z-index increase for sticky top navigation, the z-index has been increased for main...

Latest reviews

Great for our inter-site top-of-page links and a sticky join link.
Thank you for your review. Glad you like it.
Another great idea and implementation! Love it!
Thank you for your review! :)
Отличный плагин! Great plug-in!
It would be great if you made an instruction on how to create a localization file for beginners. It might be at leisure to translate this and other plug-ins.
Thank you for your time to review. I'm glad yo like it. For localization just search for phrases for each add-on, but there is not much to translate, not sure it's really needed...