[cXF] Advanced Footer

[cXF] Advanced Footer 2.1.13

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  • added option to "nofollow" extra links (configured in style properties under [cXF] Advanced Footer [links])
  • NEW: option to change the Cookies icon and colour (if using the Advanced cookie consent from XenForo 2.2.12), hide the text only or show icons only on mobile
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  • bugfix for RSS icon in footer (code updated)
  • bugfix for social icons in footer
  • added rel="noopener" to links that open in new tab
  • bugfix for fixed footer when sticky submit form row is enabled
  • bugfix: XenForo 2.1.8 Patch 2 compatibility fix for wide fixed footer option

*note: update only if you're running XenForo 2.1.8 Patch 2
  • added option to remove Contact us. Terms and rules and Privacy policy links from the footer
Maintenance update
  • minor updates to option descriptions, fixed typos if any and other minor maintenance stuff
  • no new features or bug fixes in this update
  • bugfix for sticky submit row if footer is set to sticky