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Info Welcome to customizeXF


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May 18, 2015
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This site is created for XenForo users who like to customize default XenForo style, but of course everybody is welcome.

What can be done with default style you can already see here. Forum is running only with default XenForo style, some official XenForo add-ons and add-ons made by customizeXF. For painless XenForo upgrading.

Of course we are open for any suggestions.

I hope you'll enjoy this forum!

I like to customize default style. I used to have 3rd party style as default one, but no thank you. Waiting for fixes, headaches when upgrading XF etc. Actually I really don't see why to have some style that almost every second forum has, unless owner customized their look and feel too.

But the same is with default one. If all have default style (uncustomized), than all forums would be the same.
I like when forums customize the default xenforo style.

When they use 3rd party styles for some reason it annoys me.

I think the reason is i'm a member to many forums. So when i go from forum to forum it's easy to navigate and quickly find your way around, i also find some 3rd party styles are missing some default features

I think the xenforo staff did a really good job on the default style. I don't like any of those 3rd party styles.

I've always used the default style on all my forums.(just change the color and logo)
I used a third party style once and i always had to wait for the updates/fixes.
It's a headache i agree.

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Welcome to customizeXF

We are running default XenForo style customized by cXF
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