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Info [cXF] Twitter Sidebar Block

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May 18, 2015
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This add-on will add a Twitter widget to your sidebar. It's useful if you want to give users an option to choose if they want to have see a Twitter widget or not. Read more below.

* if you will use Font Awesome icons, it is recommended to install this add-on: [cXF] Font Awesome Switch, unless you already have them installed by a third party style or add-on.

Download it here: [cXF] Twitter Sidebar Block

  • add Twitter widget to sidebar
  • show notice to users with a button to enable widget
  • useful if you don't want to load Twitter cookies or just not to show widget if user don't want it
  • the block is highly customizabe (color, button color...)
  • all text is phrased so it's easily editable
  • option to show plugin in sidebar, above or below forum list
  • option to show plugin beside [cXF] Facebook Sidebar Block (if installed)
  • option to show Twitter icon
  • option to show Twitter icon on the right side of the block (need [cXF] Sidebar Extension)
  • option to switch between light or dark theme
  • option to change link color
  • option to opt-out of tailoring Twitter
  • [bd] Widget Framework compatible (check this post for more information)

Some screens:
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[GALLERY=media, 29][/GALLERY]
[GALLERY=media, 30][/GALLERY]
[GALLERY=media, 27][/GALLERY]
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[GALLERY=media, 28][/GALLERY]
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  1. Download and unzip it
  2. From your Admin Control Panel, go to the "Install Add-on" page
  3. Upload the xml file and click the Install Add-on button.

How to change text in notice?
  • for title edit cxf_tsb_notice_title phrase
  • for description edit cxf_tsb_notice_description phrase
  • for button text edit cxf_tsb_notice_preferences phrase

  • designed and tested on default style
What's new in version 1.1.0:
  • many changes in option page: now you can hide footer, remove borders, hide scrollbar, use transparent background for plugin
  • options to set plugin height and width
  • option to show plugin in sidebar, above or below forum list
  • option to disable plugin on small devices with extra option to show a notice on small screens
tsb_options_1.png tsb_options_2.png
  • plugin will show in sidebar container like all other sidebar widgets. Example on

How to upgrade:
  • install the XML file
  • merge template with parent version, then revert template
  • edit options for add-on with required information


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How to use with [bd] Widget Framework:

  • to limit the view permission of Twitter Sidebar Block you need to edit Expression field in [bd] Widget Framework
  • it is not possible to show the Notice Block and use it with custom user fields

Enable add-on in widget (sidebar):
  1. Add a new Widget in [bd] Widget Framework and choose renderer [Advanced] Template (not [Advanced] Template (without wrapper))
  2. In the Template field add this: cxf_twitter_sidebar_block
  3. In the Position field add this: forum_list
  4. In the Title field type the widget title.
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