Info cXF Membership and a new way for providing add-ons


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Dear customizeXF members and guests!

Products page are no longer available, because we decided to go with different model for providing add-ons and that's with official XenForo Resource Manager.

For any new purchase you need to navigate to new Resources | customizeXF page and choose one of our cXF Membership. With membership you can get access separately to Bronze, Silver or Gold cXF add-ons, with Premium Membership you get access to all of them.

*existing customers: all of you who purchased any paid add-ons before 08/17/2017, contact me if you want to files that still has active license. I can check it locally in my database if you're not sure about your licenses.

So, with one membership you can get more add-ons!

I hope you like our new model and enjoy our add-ons.

Best regards,

Welcome to customizeXF

We are running default XenForo style customized by cXF
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