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Unmaintained [cXF] Facebook Sidebar Block 1.4.1

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Unmaintained [cXF] Facebook Sidebar Block


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May 18, 2015
With your addon? No mate. The big white background border was there when i first enabled facebook and twitter. But nothing showed, only the white border background which was the proper size, then i refreshed a minute later and facebook and twitter appeared, then the border went little if that makes sense mate.

EDIT: WF as in widget framework?
There probably is mate. I can not use any of Andys sidebar mods unless they work with WF.
I install any addon not related to WF in sidebar and nothing ever shows. I always believe WF was the issue.
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Or you can check template modifications for Facebook Sidebar Block yourself and tell me if there are any red or grey numbers.
Sorry for the double post. I cant see any issues. I did send you a PM with admin access tho.

EDIT: Its the same on all styles lol. Like styles i don't use and are hidden. Must be conflicted with something.

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