Info customizeXF will upgrade to XenForo 2 soon


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Hello members and visitors!

I would like to announce that customizeXF is soon going to be upgraded to XenForo 2. We plan to do the upgrade in a week or two from this notice.

*Customers with existing product licenses (those who purchased add-ons before 08/17/2017) just contact me if you have active license and want to download a file. I can check the license validation in the database. After the upgrade to XenForo 2 add-ons are going to be available only via Resources tab, paid ones via cXF Membership.

Thank you and we'll notice you through this thread when the upgrade is finished.

Kind regards,

------ EDIT: upgrade is complete! Hope you like it! ;)
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Hi @BassMan
some suggestion, please make prefix for cXF Customizations : xF 1.0 or xF 2.0, so this make easy for looking for where for xF 1.0 or xF 2.0.
thank you.

ps. i think useful to for cXF Ask a Question.


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Oh, yes, sorry, misunderstood. I guess I need to convert something... Need to find instructions for it, was working on emoji yet.

Welcome to customizeXF

We are running default XenForo style customized by cXF
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