Have You Seen...? Automate workflows with webhooks

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Have You Seen...? Automate workflows with webhooks

hys_5_spoiler.png xenforo.com_community_threads_a-first-look-at-xenforo-2-3.216641_ (1).png xenforo.com_community_threads_a-first-look-at-xenforo-2-3.216641_.png

In what is probably one of the worst kept secrets in XenForo 'Have you seen...?' history, the eagle eyed amongst you may have picked up on one or two... or three... clues that we may be talking about this soon, and the day has finally arrived! Today we're excited to show you our take on the highly requested webhook implementation in XenForo.

For those of you who haven't heard of webhooks before, they are a powerful utility that...

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