Announcements Announcing XenForo Cloud

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Announcements Announcing XenForo Cloud

Over the past ten years, XenForo has grown its market share consistently, helping all-new communities to spring forth and giving those previously running on other software platforms the opportunity to migrate and take advantage of the stability and rich functionality offered by our platform.

But there has always been a barrier to entry. Prospective community managers had to organise their own web hosting, manage the download and installation of the XenForo software and supervise any...

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Love this plan! The only problems I foresee and have happened in the past with other forum software companies and their cloud service.

1. Cost. For small, slow or new communities $60 is not cost-effective. A suggestion would be to offer this service in tiers, according to the size and activity of the community. This initial cost for (private owners) is likely not financially feasible for most, especially during these times.

2. Third party Add-on capability, availability and restrictions. Restrictions are always an issue and a big turn off.

3. Tech support availability. Always slow at best for other companies. It seems as though companies offer this cloud service before assuring they have adequate tech support on staff. I'm not a big private tech support user, but when I do I want prompt (within 24 hours or so) COURTEOUS service. With all due respect to XF, courtesy isn't one of their strongsuits-more like curt which is getting a bit worse over time. :) Doesn't bother me but it is noticeable.
Support for 3rd party add-ons may prove to be a big deal for xenforo in general. Potentially losing add-on Devs due to lack of cloud inclusion isn't going to bode well for xf in general as thousands use these add-ons regularly. I won't use any cloud service if it is restrictive in add-on use. As you likely know, we have seen this before. Not sure how they figured a one-size fits all cloud price but doesn't seem well thought out so far- we will see.

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