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Create a widget and add additional widgets inside and show them as tabs. More in screens below.

  • create up to 8 tabs and add widgets to preset widget positions
  • add an icon for widget tab title
  • easy choose between two tab header styles
  • show widgets title (useful if you want to have more widgets in the same tab)
  • hide tabs to a certain user group with permissions

How does it work?

Create a widget [cXF] Widgets Tabs and set a position where you would like to show it:

wt_ create_widget.png

2. Create or add existing widgets and set Display positions for tabs:


3. Go to Options > [cXF] Widget Tabs and enter titles for each tab to show

4. Go to Style properties > [cXF] Widget Tabs and check additional styling.


< hide tabs to a certain user group with permission >



< demo widgets in tabs >


< demo widgets in tabs in sidebar >


< example of more widgets in the same tab >

wt_ more_widgets_in_same_tab.png

< easily change tabs heading style >

wt_ style_2.png

< add icons to tab title >

wt_ tab_icons.png

< demo widget tabs on customizexf.com >

wt_ demo_cxf.png

Latest updates

  1. 1.1.3

    under the hood update: added code for data-widget parameters
  2. 1.1.2

    bugfix for widget titles; options in style properties are slightly changed. It is recommended...
  3. 1.1.1

    bugfix: small CSS fix for tabs border

Latest reviews

One of the best Addons i use :) Thank you!
Nice to hear that! Thank you for your review.
Hi amazing, a complete mandatory, Thanks for the help @BassMan
Glad you like it and you're welcome!

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