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[cXF] Widget Columns

[cXF] Widget Columns 1.0.1

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With this add-on you can show widgets in columns in an easy way. There are 2 containers available where you can add up to 4 widgets.

That way you can easily make a custom page like a portal with different widgets.

  • add 2 widget containers to a different location with up to 4 widgets
  • style widget container (see examples in screens below)
  • responsive

How does it work?
  • create a widget column container in widget position of your choice:


  • add any widget to designated display position:


  • enable widget columns in Style properties

That's it!


< responsive widgets in widgets container >


< example with [cXF] Login Widget and [cXF] Welcome Notice Widget add-ons >


< example with 2 widget containers >


< widget container with background, some padding and border-radius all adjustable in style properties >


< widget container with background image and some large bottom padding to show the image, all adjustable in style properties >


< style properties >


Latest updates

  1. 1.0.1

    under the hood update: added code for data-widget parameters

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