[cXF] Top Navigation

[cXF] Top Navigation 1.9.4

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  • compatibility fix with [DBTech] DragonByte eCommerce version 3.3.0
  • bugfix for template modification
  • added support for DragonByte eCommerce and DragonByte Credits add-on: now you can show icons from this add-on next to Alerts tab* in Top Navigation

*make sure to set in the DragonByte Credits add-on option page the Navbar Tab to show After "Alerts" Tab.
  • removed code required for [cXF] Staff Menu add-on (code is added as template modification in that add-on)
  • LESS template optimization for thread view types
  • added option to show tooltip for top links

Screenshot 2021-12-18 at 19.58.19.png


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  • added permissions for Top links

Make sure to set permissions to Yes, to view the top links. You can set them for groups or individuals.
  • added the title attribute for user avatar
  • changed the aria-label phrase from inbox to conversations
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  • bugfix for phrase in Options for top link
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  • bugfix: updated the event listener to fix an issue on the "Advertising" and "Notices" page in XenForo
  • changed the PHP file with different approach for tabbed options
    option tabs are all phrased now
*the MacroRender.php file can be deleted from server
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