[cXF] Thread scroll enhancement

[cXF] Thread scroll enhancement 1.0.4

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Add some features when scrolling a thread like sticky thread title in navigation or below it (useful if scrolling long threads) or maybe add some scroll progress bar in various positions. Check below for more information.

  • add thread title in navigation or below it when scrolling a thread
  • optionally add a close button to remove the thread title (more information on screens below)
  • optionally add "Currently reading" (or edit the text via phrase!) in front of a thread title (it will hide on smaller screens automatically)
  • show thread title on scroll also on mobile
  • fine thread title position adjustments for distance from top on scroll - useful if you're using a custom style
  • style thread title on scroll in style properties
  • show scroll progress bar at the top of the page, below sticky navigation or at the bottom of the page
  • set scroll progress bar height and color
  • thread title and progress bar works only on thread view
*Compatible with [cXF] Top Navigation and [cXF] Staff bar enhancement (if using sticky bars)


< thread title below navigation on scroll >

... and on mobile:

< thread title in navigation on scroll >

... and on mobile:

... or always below navigation even if you have it in navigation on desktop view:


< scroll progress bar at the top of the page >

< scroll progress bar below sticky navigation >

< scroll progress bar at the bottom of the page >

< style properties >


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Latest updates

  1. 1.0.4

    bug fix and fine adjustments for anchor on thread view and conversations +mobile code cleaning
  2. 1.0.3

    bug fix for anchor compatibility fix for [cXF] Top Navigation
  3. 1.0.2

    bugfix to prevent reloading when thread title is below navigation Upgrading is recommended.

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