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[cXF] Thread scroll enhancement

[cXF] Thread scroll enhancement 1.0.7

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Add some features when scrolling a thread like sticky thread title in navigation or below it (useful if scrolling long threads) or maybe add some scroll progress bar in various positions. Check below for more information.

  • add thread title in navigation or below it when scrolling a thread
  • optionally add a close button to remove the thread title (more information on screens below)
  • optionally add "Currently reading" (or edit the text via phrase!) in front of a thread title (it will hide on smaller screens automatically)
  • show thread title on scroll also on mobile
  • fine thread title position adjustments for distance from top on scroll - useful if you're using a custom style
  • style thread title on scroll in style properties
  • show scroll progress bar at the top of the page, below sticky navigation or at the bottom of the page
  • set scroll progress bar height and color
  • thread title and progress bar works only on thread view
*Compatible with [cXF] Top Navigation and [cXF] Staff bar enhancement (if using sticky bars)


< thread title below navigation on scroll >

... and on mobile:

< thread title in navigation on scroll >

... and on mobile:

... or always below navigation even if you have it in navigation on desktop view:


< scroll progress bar at the top of the page >

< scroll progress bar below sticky navigation >

< scroll progress bar at the bottom of the page >

< style properties >


Latest updates

  1. 1.0.8

    compatibility fix for XenForo 2.3
  2. 1.0.7

    CSS code optimization for all thread view types
  3. 1.0.6

    bugfix for thread title below navigation: in some cases it can disable links on a page, now it...

Latest reviews

Neat little addon, really helps on long threads. Also easy to customize.
I'm glad you find it useful. Thank you for your review.
It works great!
Glad to hear it! Thank you for your review.
Great Idea! Thank you!
Thank you for your review. I appreciate it.

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