[cXF] Sticky Sidebar

[cXF] Sticky Sidebar 1.9.3

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  • bugfix for template modification
  • CSS code clean-up
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  • bugfix for [TH] Featured Threads and Content Portal sidebar
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  • bugfix: sticky sidebar for threads with poll
  • added support for Forum view: SideNav position (for [cXF] Sidebar Widget Positions)
  • bugfix for forum_list when sideNav and sidebar are enabled
  • added support for Member view page
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  • added support for add-ons:
    • Article Management System (by XenAddons)
    • Classified Ads System (by XenAddons)
    • Review Management System (by XenAddons)
    • Showcase (by XenAddons)
    • User Blogs System (by XenAddons)

*XF2.2 only
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  • added support for resource discussion page
*XF2.2 only
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  • added support for:
    • Article Management System​
    • [TH] Featured Threads and Content Portal​
*XF2.2 only
  • added support for XenPorta 2 sidebar and sidenav