[cXF] Social Icons in Breadcrumbs

[cXF] Social Icons in Breadcrumbs 1.0.3

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This is a cXF Pack B Membership Add-on. Upgrade your account to cXF Pack B Membership for:

This add-on will add an option to show social icons in breadcrumbs.

  • show any social network Font Awesome icon in breadcrumbs
  • show up to 5 social icons in top and bottom breadcrumb
  • show extra contact icon in breadcrumb; on click contact form will open in an overlay
  • set optional tooltip title for icon that will show when you hover it
  • set screen width for icons to show
  • icons are customizable (color, size, icon can be changed)
  • icon link opens in new tab
  • style whole breadcrumbs
  • style only icons container in breadcrumbs
  • style breadcrumb links


< example for social icons in breadcrumbs with tooltip >


< ... or with colored icons >


< example of whole breadcrumb styling with social icons >


< example of social icons container styling >


< options >


< style properties >

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Latest updates

  1. 1.0.3

    added class for each icon for easier customization (and to avoid server error in some situations)
  2. 1.0.2

    added rel="noopener" to links that open in new tab
  3. 1.0.1

    Bugfixes: for breadcrumb items to show on small screens minor CSS fix