cXF Service - Rate and Review

cXF Service - Rate and Review

good job!
Everything here is Awesome!
Frankly imo the [cXF] add-ons that I've had the privilege to test out so far—are each proving worthy of ×5 stars. I mean, as far as add-ons go, these ones really are quite unique in what they enable us to do.
Only two of them-(Advanced Footer & Mobile Footer)-haven't worked, though not because of the add-ons themselves but rather the Dimension Pro theme installed on my site seems to inhibit certain things—(😄so I'm seriously considering ditching the D-Pro theme altogether.)

Then there's the service & support provided by the legendary BassMan himself....which is of a remarkably high standard & authenticity that I've found nowhere else.

Thank you BassMan
I can't believe all these customizations and addons for only one yearly subscription, you really deserve many times donation.
I hope continue success to all xenforo developers and customizers
thank you very much for efforts
- It's an excellent site
- Subscription prices are not expensive
Excellent!! 👏
Thank You So Much !!!
The utility of the cXF add-on suite is unmatched. You can easily create a unique website and homepage portal by using only these add-ons on an otherwise default XF install. The customization of each add-on is user-friendly and consistent. BassMan's support is fantastic; quick response time and quick to release updates for bug fixes and suggestion implementation!

You can see a handful of cXF add-ons in action on my forum:
Top-notch support, and very well knowledgable when it comes to coding. I feel like I can always trust this developer, cause they are honest and helpful.
Bassman has been incredibly supportive over the past couple of years, and I've been able to achieve a lot more with his support. I highly recommend his addons and services to anyone looking for a responsive and dedicated developer of xenforo addons.
Great Add-ons and helpful support.
Thank You And We hope You Create more add-ons to customize our forums :)
BassMan add-ons are the best!
BassMan add-ons are a must-have for any Xenforo forum owner
guys customization and forum addons, this is among the best I just have to thank, BassMan thanks
BassMan answered a lot of questions and even did some testing with me before I bought a membership. I give him credit for that. That is not a matter of course. I have found some things here that I want to incorporate into my forum.

I am very excited.
Support provided by BassMan deserves 10 starts and then some. It is as professional as it gets.
Highly engaged support!