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cXF Service - Rate and Review

cXF Service - Rate and Review

Latest reviews

good job!
Everything here is Awesome!
Frankly imo the [cXF] add-ons that I've had the privilege to test out so far—are each proving worthy of ×5 stars. I mean, as far as add-ons go, these ones really are quite unique in what they enable us to do.
Only two of them-(Advanced Footer & Mobile Footer)-haven't worked, though not because of the add-ons themselves but rather the Dimension Pro theme installed on my site seems to inhibit certain things—(😄so I'm seriously considering ditching the D-Pro theme altogether.)

Then there's the service & support provided by the legendary BassMan himself....which is of a remarkably high standard & authenticity that I've found nowhere else.

Thank you BassMan
I can't believe all these customizations and addons for only one yearly subscription, you really deserve many times donation.
I hope continue success to all xenforo developers and customizers
thank you very much for efforts

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