[cXF] Install App Notice

[cXF] Install App Notice 1.1.6

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  • compatibility fix for XenForo 2.3
  • fix for the missing phrase
  • compatibility fix for XenForo 2.2.14

Do not update if your forum has not been upgraded to XenForo 2.2.14.
  • bugfix for custom image path
  • bugfix for the Hide button link
  • bugfix: notice is now hidden on all desktop browsers
  • NEW: option for users to hide install app notice in the account preferences:
First, you need to set permissions:​

After that, users will see an additional Hide button in the notice, which will direct them to their account settings:​

Database changes

This add-on adds extra column (cxf_hmui) to xf_user_option table in database. This is required to store the settings for each user when using the user option in account preferences. When the add-on is uninstalled, the column with data is removed too.


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