[cXF] Horizontal message user info

[cXF] Horizontal message user info 1.7.8

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NEW feature:
  • option to enable/disable horizontal postbit per style (check in Style properties; by default it is enabled)

Both versions are updated - for XF2.1 and XF 2.2, just make sure you download and then upload the right one
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  • XenForo 2.2 compatibility update

Note: you'll find two ZIP files when downloading. One for XF 2.1 and one for XF 2.2.

XenForo 2.2 is currently still in beta stage and it is not recommended to use it in production, but if you'd like to install the add-on on your test forum to check it out, now you can. This add-on may get another compatibility update before the XenForo 2.2 "gold" release.
  • bugfix for option Show on icon click for mobile view
  • compatibility fix for UI.X 2 style
  • bug fix for new indicator in conversations
  • added z-index for avatars; now hover works anywhere on the avatar
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  • compatibility fix for [TH] Post Comments
  • bugfix for UI.X style compatibility
  • minor bugfix
  • bugfix for online avatar on deleted posts
  • NEW: set avatar size in quick reply - medium, small, extra small or none (see screens below)






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  • bug fixes for various settings combinations
  • NEW: option to enable offline avatar indicator and edit icon name, color, background and Offline phrase
  • bugfix for online avatar indicator (z-index)
  • bugfix for online avatar indicator on deleted posts
  • bugfix when editing post with large avatar option enabled
  • bugfix for Wrap post content with avatar option when using medium or large avatar
  • minor code customizations

< option with offline avatar enabled and example with edited offline phrase >


< new style properties options >



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