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[cXF] Google Translate Forum 1.0.0

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This is a cXF Pack A Membership Add-on. Upgrade your account to cXF Pack A Membership for:

Add Google Translate to your forum with some extra features.

  • set style: horizontal, vertical or simple Google Translate
  • predefined positions: above or below notices, below bottom breadcrumbs or add a template to the widget, advertising position or anywhere you like (more about that below)
  • some styling options in the style properties


< set style for Google Translate with a click in style properties >

gtf_above_notices_horizontal.png - gtf_above_notices_vertical.png - gtf_above_notices_simple.png

< Google Translate predefined positions >

gtf_above_notices_horizontal.png - gtf_below_notices.png - gtf_below_bottom_breadcrumbs.png

Custom position: In Style properties, you can set position option to Custom and simply add the code <xf:include template="cxf_google_translate_forum" /> to a widget, advertising position or any other position you'd like.

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