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Some administrators want to highlight the talk button in order to make it easier to contact the user, so this add-on will add a button or conversation icon to the message block user.

  • add conversation button above user details in message block
  • add conversation button below user details in message block
  • add conversation icon beside username in message block
  • option to add thread title to a new conversation
  • style properties for conversation button and icon (text, background, ...)
  • style properties for conversation button and icon on hovering (text, background, ...)




... if you're using conversation icon it will show on mobile too:
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Latest updates

  1. 1.3.1

    changed template modification for better compatibility
  2. 1.3.0

    added option to show conversation button above or below user extras in message user info (postbit)
  3. 1.2.0

    changes made to work with XF 2.1 new option in style properties: choose FA icon to suit your...

Latest reviews

Great addon!
Hello Bassman,

Unfortunately, XF (also in 2.1.3) lacks many tools that make life easier for admins and moderators.
Your addon is a big improvement here. Easy to install and configure.

Thank you very much.
Thank you for your review.
Excellent I like a good idea. Thank you
Great, glad you like it. Thank you for your review.
Yet another piece of functionality that is quite nice. Makes starting a conversation/PM a bit more intuitive. Thanks so much.
Glad you find it useful and thank you for your review.