[cXF] Add What's New beside Alerts tab

[cXF] Add What's New beside Alerts tab 1.7.3

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  • changed template modification code for better compatibility if using it beside the Search tab and with [cXF] Light and dark mode switch add-on
  • compatibility fix to work with [cXF] Top Navigation
  • fix: when using Alerts option, for guests the icon will show next to register button
  • same fix has been added when using this add-on in combination with [cXF] Top Navigation add-on
  • new option: change the FA icon
*note: check and edit settings in style properties after updating from the previous versions
  • bugfix for What's new tab beside Search tab and search is disabled for certain groups
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  • compatibility fix for UI.X style: now it works with this style beside Alerts icon
  • remove link title on hover when icon is beside Alerts tab
  • option to show What's New icon on the far right corner on mobile
  • NEW: option to set link button to point to What's New or New posts page
  • option to set icon color
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