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[cXF] Account widgets 1.0.1

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Add account menu items to a widget in different ways with optional bookmarks.

  • show account menu item in a widget with bookmarks tab
  • show account menu items only (without bookmarks)
  • show only bookmarks in a standalone widget
  • show custom cXF widget with account items, current date, and field for a status update
  • option to show widgets on mobile screens (they are hidden on mobile by default)
  • option to show/hide date and status update field in custom cXF widget
  • you can create each of four widgets as a standalone widget in any widget position (sidebar is recommended)

See it LIVE on customizeXF.com. Just login/register and view the forum list sidebar.


< in ACP go to Widgets section and create one >


< [cXF] Account widgets: Account >
... only account items, without bookmarks tab


< [cXF] Account widgets: Bookmarks >
... only bookmarks, without account items


< [cXF] Account widgets: Custom cXF >
... customized widget with fewer items to remove clutter with the optional date and update status field


... without date:

... without date and status field:

< [cXF] Account widgets: Full >
... a copy of the account menu with the account items tab and bookmarks tab


Latest updates

  1. 1.0.1

    bugfix: widget now shows only to logged in users

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Love the look and feel. Very easy to use and to install.
Glad you like it.